Hi! My name is Olivia. I’m a Writer in New York City, currently copywriting and managing social for American Express. To learn more about my work, check out my LinkedIn and my bio. You can read my writing here.

When I’m not writing, I have a lot of creative energy that usually takes shape on social media.

One of my recent projects involves hunting down typography and street art around the city. You can see the latest on my Insta.

Olivia Isenhart

I listen to a lot of different music, especially when I’m working. Here’s what I’m currently spinning.

50 times a night, I post vintage, art, and design inspiration on my Tumblr.

Olivia Isenhart

Food is a pretty big deal. Most of my favorite snacks are in the East Village.


I watch way too many horror films. These are some of my current favorites.

Olivia Isenhart

I’m also on Facebook, Twitter, G+, Medium, and Goodreads. I’m always reachable by email.